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Pipe boxing – Undercover work

Pipe boxing – Undercover work

With the potential for local authorities and housing associations to save tens of thousands of pounds, just by changing the way heating system and boiler pipework are concealed on site, Encasement’s Managing Director Martin Taylor provides a detailed insight on where and how the cost can be removed from the process.

In any property, whether it’s a new build or a refurbishment project, there will inevitably be some exposed pipework that will need covering for reasons of safety, in the case of hot pipes, or purely aesthetics.

However, for local authorities (LA) and housing associations (HA), where they primarily deal with older housing stock, which requires upgrading and annual maintenance, the high volumes of exposed pipework for heating systems, boilers, gas, mains water and waste can present a number of challenges.

Usually, due to the age of the properties and the nature of their construction, which predominantly uses concrete and brick, mechanical and electrical services need to be surface mounted, as they can’t easily be concealed during installation.

Given that upgrading heating systems with more energy efficient solutions in older social housing stock is important to reduce emissions and energy consumption, while improving comfort for occupants, there is also a need to ensure that the updated system is safe and looks good too.

And it’s at this point where LAs and HAs have the opportunity of either saving or wasting thousands of pounds on their...

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The perfect boiler pipework cover up for Axiom Housing Association

The perfect boiler pipework cover up for Axiom Housing Association

Easy to fit pre-formed and pre-finished boiler casings from Encasement have been chosen to conceal unattractive boiler pipework in a development of 30 shared ownership apartments by Axiom Housing Association in Peterborough.

The Anson House development at Cottesmore Close provides a choice of one and two bedroom apartments and each includes an energy efficient boiler located in the kitchen area. Encasement’s boiler casings were chosen to not only provide an aesthetic and durable solution to the installation, but also enable a consistent high quality finish to be achieved in every apartment.

Manufactured from pre-formed plywood to match the boilers’ exact dimensions of 430mm wide by 200mm deep and 495mm overall height, this enabled the contractor to fit them in a matter of minutes in each apartment, rather than wasting time and money by using site made alternatives.

As the casings are free standing and held in place with a mastic sealant, they are easy to remove and re-fit without damaging them, giving easy access for routine maintenance and safety inspections. Also, each boiler casing is pre-finished in white Formica® laminate making them resistant to damage and easy to wipe clean.

Encasement’s MD, Martin Taylor explained: "The Anson House development is a perfect example of how we can save time and money on site for the heating contractor, installer and developer, while also providing a high quality and consistent finish in every apartment. Our boiler pipework casings are installed in countless projects across the UK and are proving to be the ‘casing of choice’ for many contractors as they’re easy to fit and highly cost effective.”

You can see more images from the Axiom housing association project in our boiler pipe work casing gallery. You can also view our boiler pipe work casing range in more detail.

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The easy answer for FSC® compliant pipe boxing and boiler casing

The easy answer for FSC® compliant pipe boxing and boiler casing

With sustainable sourcing and procurement policies now a vital part of the building products supply chain for both social housing and private residential developments, it’s good to know that Encasement is the UK’s only FSC® certified manufacturer of pre-formed plywood pipe boxing and boiler casings.

When you need to box in pipe work quickly and easily while ensuring that you’re caring for the environment and complying with your company’s sustainable procurement policy, Encasement is the clear choice.

All our FSC® boxing products carry a full ‘Chain of Custody’ certification from the Forest Stewardship Council to verify that the timber used is from sustainable and managed sources, so you don’t have to worry about compliance.

It’s quick and easy to fit on-site too. As our pipe boxing an boiler casings are pre-formed and pre-finished in durable melamine, they can be fitted in less than half the time of site made alternatives and there’s no need for painting, which saves time and money.

For FSC® compliant pipe boxing or boiler casing – Encasement has it covered.

For more information on our boiler pipe casings, please visit

View our FSC® certificate here

Learn more about our sustainable products

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Sustainable procurement – Are you compliant?

Sustainable procurement – Are you compliant?

For local authorities, housing associations and contractors, balancing obligations under Government guidelines on the use of sustainably sourced products with the need to control costs can be a challenge, but Encasement can help.

As we are UK’s only manufacturer of pre-formed plywood pipe boxing and casings products that holds an FSC® ‘Chain of Custody Certification’ from the Forest Stewardship Council, you can be compliant with your sustainable procurement policy without compromising cost or quality.

You can now specify fully compliant FSC® Chain of Custody Certified pipe boxing and boiler pipework casings from our extensive, market leading range, at the same price as non-certified pre-formed plywood products.

To learn more about our FSC® certified products or explore the UK compliance information, just click one of the links below.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01733 266889

Pipe boxing

Boiler pipework casing

UK Government procurement guidance

Sustainability and compliance

Download our FSC® certificate

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