Boiler Casings Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the most frequentlly asked questions about boxing in boiler pipes and how you make the most of our boiler casings products as well as order and delivery of your products from us, please take a look through these and if we have not answered your query please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team for more help.
How do you cover an unsightly boiler pipe?
Our pre-formed and pre-finished boiler casing solutions can be used to cover unsightly boiler pipes.
How do you box a pipe around a boiler?
If you are looking for how to box a pipe around a boiler – please watch the video on our boiler casings pages. 
Are the Boiler Casing measurements internal or external?
The boiler pipework boxing measurements are always external sizes. You need to allow 8mm for the thickness of the material, plus some additional space for a fixing batten, possibly a further 30mm or 35mm.
What is the colour of the boxing?
Our Boiler Casing products are finished in a white laminate.
How are the products fixed ?
Boiler casings can be left free standing if they are on a worktop, or they can be fixed using 2 timber fixing battens are used, either on both walls for vertical applications or on the floor and wall for horizontal applications. These are secured to the walls/floor with screws and plugs with the boxing’s then fixed securely to the battens with screws and white caps.
Does the boiler casing come with battens and fixings as standard ?
No, the timber fixing battens, screws, and caps are purchased separately. Please visit our fixings page
How is the boiler casing cut to length ?
Apply masking tape to the boiler casing at the point you want to cut. The masking tape will reduce any surface damage when cutting. Cut through the boiler casing with a sharp fine tooth saw and lightly sand the cut end to achieve a neat finish.
Is there a minimum delivery charge
Yes, minimum carriage and packaging is charged at 19.50 please see our Delivery Options page for more details.
How will my order be delivered?
Your order will be delivered by our courier Tuffnell’s or APC. Please note a signature will be required otherwise the driver will not be able to leave the goods. Please check goods for damage before signing for your item, for more infomation on our boiler casing delivery please visit our Delivery Options page.
When should I receive my order?
You should receive your  boiler casing order within 1-3 working days for standard items and 5-7 working days for bespoke made to order boiler casing products.
If you still have any questions about our Boiler Casing products or would like to talk to a member of our team about your order please do not hesitate to get in touch.