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Installing fire sprinkler pipework? We’ve got it covered

Installing fire sprinkler pipework? We’ve got it coveredIf you're installing or retro-fitting fire sprinkler systems in tower blocks and flats, Encasement’s ‘Versa’ pipe boxing range provides the perfect cost effective solution for concealing sprinkler pipework.

Manufactured from pre-formed FSC® certified plywood and pre-finished in a durable white melamine, our Versa ‘L’ shaped boxing is available in either 5mm or 8mm thicknesses for use inside flats or in public areas, such as stairs and lift lobbies where sprinklers are required.

Versa sprinkler pipe boxing is available in a wide range of sizes and helps save time, as there’s no fabrication or painting required on site. Just cut to the required length, drill holes for the sprinkler heads and secure to the wall or ceiling. 

Our durable Versa boxing can be used with standard sprinkler heads or concealed ‘pop-out’ units with cover caps.

Encasement is the UK’s leading manufacturer of pre-formed plywood boxing and decorative casings. Whatever your requirement – we’ve got it covered.

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